Time Management and The Reduction of Stress In Teens

Understanding The Importance and Necessity Of Time Management SkillsAs children grow into teenagers and start experiencing more hectic schedules consisting of their academics, extracurricular activities, and more often leading to immense stress; the concept of time management is essential. It is important to note that there are various ways an individual can manage their time;

Understanding The Role Of Emotional Regulation In Mental Well-being

The Importance of Emotional RegulationEmotional regulation is defined as the ability to acknowledge, control, and respond to one’s emotions. Which does not necessarily mean repressing their feelings but instead developing a healthy relationship with them. Aiding teenagers and children understand how to use these skills is crucial, it allows them to establish healthy relationships with

Supporting A Teen Struggling With Academic Pressure

Understanding Academic PressureThroughout the duration of a teen’s high school/middle school career, they are bound to come head to head with the pressures that come along with academic and social expectations, extracurricular commitments, and their struggles through self-identity. These pressures are all grouped under the category of academic stress/pressure, which appertains to the stress and

The Connection Between The Body & The Mind

Understanding The Relationship Between Mental Well-being and Physical healthThe physical and mental health of teenagers and children both depend on each other. Factors such as nutrition, physical activity, quantity and quality of sleep, and an individual’s overall lifestyle are all components that can impact mental health by creating or balancing particular hormones/neurotransmitters that are necessary

Understanding Childhood Anxiety

Understanding anxiety in teens and children Anxiety and feelings of anxiousness are pervasive in young children and teens today, but despite how widespread it is, it is one of the most misinterpreted cognitive health issues; typically just dismissed as being shy or misbehaving. This is seen to have played a large role in the development